Information for Incoming Freshmen

The intent is to include relevant information to demystify the XC season for newcomers.

General Information:

Contact Information for Coach Loretta Dodson: 610-395-2438

  • Practices are Monday to Saturday
  • See Calendar for times and locations
  • Summer training starts at the end of May at PHS track at 3:15pm

Season officially begins in mid August. Meet at track at 8 a.m. Practice will last until 10 a.m. You must have a physical and ImPact testing to participate in cross country. Please review the XC season rules & guidelines to make sure you can make the commitment. We do expect kids to attend practice every day so if you have any questions now is the time to ask. Please call Coach Dodson at 610-395-2438 or talk with her at summer training.

If you plan on trying out for another sport or have changed your mind about participating in XC please let Coach Dodson know ASAP. The coaching staff is working on the season schedule and would like to know how many athletes will be participating in XC.

Information Regarding Meets

  • EPC Meet times are at 4:00 PM and 4:45 PM. During even years Girls run first and during odd years Boys run first. Please check the calendar for confirmation of start times.
  • The school provides 2 buses to away meets
  • All students are eligible for meets if you are healthy, meet academic requirements and have followed the discipline code
  • Invitationals – we can only run 7 runners in the varsity meets
  • League meet – we can only run 10 runners
  • District meet – we can only run 7 runners
  • The season is finished for the majority of runners by mid October

End of Season Meets: JV, Conference, District, State

The culmination of the season for the Varsity runners is the Conference Meet, at the end of the EPC season. It was previously named the “(Varsity) League Meet” and the top ten boy and girl runners compete. The first 7 finishers (again boy and girl) at that race run again the following week on the same course in the “District 11 Meet”. These races are conducted on the Bethlehem Municipal golf course.

Runners placing in the top 20 at the District Meet and all those on the winning team will run at the State Finals.

Those not selected for the Conference Meet will race in the “Junior Varsity (JV) Leagues Meet” which will be held in mid October. Please check the calendar for confirmation of meet date & location.