Booster Club Officers

The officers and other volunteers for the 2017 season were;

    • Kim Beers (President)
    • Nora Esquieres (Treasurer)
    • Christine Zaun (Secretary)
    • Kim & Kevin Beers – Spirit Wear
    • Melissa Bartman – Picnic
    • Christine Zaun – Girls T-shirt Party
    • Michelle Williamson – Senior Recognition
    • Dave & Jen Bower – Trojan 5K Challenge
    • Banquet – OPEN
    • MS Liaison – OPEN
    • Boys Party – OPEN
    • Nancy Dzema
    • Maria Santacoloma
    • Monica Kunz
    • Aimee Bendetti
    • Linda Warren
    • KDG (Webmaster)

Booster Club Meetings

The Booster Club meets periodically to discuss topics such as fundraising, team activities and fund allocations. If you would like to be involved in any of these discussions, or if you would like copies of meeting minutes, please contact any of the above listed Club Officers.