Trojan 5K Run/Walk Challenge

The Trojan 5K Challenge was held on Sunday, August 19. This was the 2nd year for the Trojan Challenge. The Trojan Challenge was started as a fundraiser for the Parkland Cross Country teams and to teach the runners about hosting a race. The Trojan XC Booster Club would like to thank the participants and sponsors for their support.


Overall Winners:

Matt Gillette – 1st place Male

Courtney David – 1st place Female


PHS XC Alumni Winners:

Matt Gillette

Euniece Santiago Valekei

Alumni who attended (photo left to right) Euniece Santiago Valekei Matt Gillette Ryan Ritter Jason Warren Steve Silvonek

Assistant XC Coaches (photo left to right) Chip Carnes – 1st Parkland Male Staff Member Courtney David – 1st Female overall


Christy Keating – 1st Parkland Female Staff Member


Middle School XC Runners

Lauren Ervin – 1st place Female

Ryan Beltrame – 1st place Male

Top 3 Male Finishers

  1. Matt Gillette
  2. Matthew Stern
  3. Ryan Ritter


Top 3 Female Finishers

  1. Courtney David
  2. Lauren Ervin
  3. Linda Warren

3rd photo (a few members of the girls team helping at registration)