PSD Volunteer Requirements

We are now subject to Parkland School District’s Volunteer Clearance process, which reflects Pennsylvania legal requirements.  If you are planning to volunteer at any events, and we hope you will, we need you to complete the clearance process.

Key points;

  • It is now a legal requirement under PA law that volunteers have adequate clearances
  • There is no charge for obtaining these clearances.  See more information on the PSD site here (remember to indicate “Volunteer” when applying to avoid the fee).
  • Parkland is NOT requiring the volunteers at the booster club concession stand to have clearances, however if you hold team dinners/lunches, are the announcer/scorekeeper, run tournaments, volunteer in anyway and interact with children, you must have these clearances done
  • Please remember to pick “volunteer” for the PA Criminal Check, and PA child Abuse that way there is not a fee for these two clearances.
  • Complete steps #2 through #8 on the PSD website – click here